Everything is on the Record

The digital world has put everyone in a high stakes game where lifelong reputations can be ruined in a matter of hours. Inappropriate texts, emails or social media posts or a private moment caught on video can ruin your brand and tarnish the brands of your partners. “Private” interactions are no longer private. Everything can potentially be scrutinized. It has never been more important to be proactive and get in front of potential damage that could take years to recover from.

Standard operating procedure for many companies is to hope, or assume, no one will make a glaring error in public -- and if they do, a crisis management team can take care of it. But why suffer unnecessary damage to you or your company's reputation, especially if it is preventable for a cost far less than restoring a ruined reputation? Knowing how to safely navigate a digital world that sees all, hears all and tells all is more vital than ever.

Our team of experts will educate your CEOs, coaches, athletes or media personalities how not only to survive but thrive in a world where EVERYTHING is on the Record. We not only show how to avoid pitfalls in dealing with the press and on social media but also how to use those platforms to your advantage. Whether it be a Twitter post, a press conference or an interview, we will walk you through mock versions so that when you are faced with the real deal, you not only have a game plan to accomplish your goal but are prepared for the unexpected. The media, social or otherwise, is only a scary beast when you don't know how to feed it.

We also provide enormous value as an outside voice who can share candid feedback with your organization’s high profile executives, athletes or coaches. We can say the things that you often times can’t say. And our decades worth of diverse experience in boardrooms, locker rooms and newsrooms allows us to provide a unique perspective.

Through our engaging and interactive sessions, we will help prepare your organization and high profile spokespeople for how best to navigate the world we live in that puts EVERYTHING ON THE RECORD. We look forward to working with you!


Our Services

Customized sessions include the following:

  • An overview of today’s Media and Social Media environment

  • How Your Brand is Connected to Partner Brands

  • The pitfalls that exist in a day and age when EVERYTHING is on the Record

  • Being Aware of your Non-Verbal Communicators

  • How to build rapport with the media and be at your best during interviews

  • How to manage a crisis or difficult situations

  • Mock on-camera interviews and scenarios

  • HR and Legal Ramifications

  • Ongoing Post-training Counsel

We provide individual and group sessions for:

  • Pro and College Sports Teams and Individual Athletes

  • Pro and College Sports Coaches

  • Pro and College Sports Front Office Executives & Administrators

  • Former Athletes Who Work as Broadcasters

  • Hollywood film directors and actors preparing for press junkets 

  • CEO’s/Corporate Executives

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Schools/Universities

  • Government Agencies 


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